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Track of the Day: Random Acts of Kindness – Healthcare Workers Rock! [Other Side Reviews]

Living in this time of uncertainty, it is always good to know that music can be a refuge. Music can empower, uplift and build a sense of optimism in times of trouble. Facing Covid-19 is one of the scariest and distressing situation for most people, so we should take time to appreciate those working the frontlines – the healthcare workers. Ken Freirich did just that with his single ‘Healthcare Workers Rock!’

Songwriter, drummer and active philanthropist, Ken Freirich lives according to the mantra of “making the world a better place”. Recognising the strength of music to help others, this talented artist wrote and produced an anthem for the brave healthcare workers who place their lives in danger tending to infected patients daily. Released by the band Random Acts of Kindness via Freirich’s record label, Better World Records, ‘Healthcare Workers Rock!’ is upbeat, energetic and captivating.

A guitar-driven track filled with steady drums and warm vocals, ‘Healthcare Workers Rock!’ is an extremely catchy song. The lyrics are rather “deep” discussing the dedication of frontline workers during the Covid Crisis, but the cheery melody adds a bright optimism to the song.

Side note: a portion of the proceeds from song and merchandise sales will be donated to charities benefitting healthcare workers and people affected by Covid-19.

“I want to have the song played all over the world to give healthcare workers something to rally around as they continue to work through difficult days and nights.” – Ken Freirich on ‘Healthcare Workers Rock!’

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