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Better World Records is a new label that has a mission of releasing incredible music across many genres that will bring people together and have a positive impact on the world. The company has strong philanthropic beliefs and is committed to being the catalyst for using music to create change and to help fund charitable projects across the globe. Better World Records is seeking partnerships with musicians, record labels and music companies for unique collaborations.  

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, songwriter and drummer Ken Freirich is the founder and CEO of Better World Records. A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic for Ken was the inspiration to start the record label Better World Records LLC and the artist/band Random Acts of Kindness to share his mission, lyrics, messages and songs with the world. “Healthcare Workers Rock!” was the first track released by Better World Records and gained a lot of notoriety for its impact on healthcare workers. 

Random Acts of Kindness is gaining momentum with the release of its new single, Free to Roam. There is a lot of excitement around Free to Roam and its nationwide launch on radio. Moreover, with powerful messages of Freedom, Liberation, Self-Expression and Empowerment, a worldwide movement is being started on social media for people to share their personal stories to help inspire others. The video for Free to Roam was produced using real life experiences and showing the transformations of four people, highlighting their challenges as well as liberations. 

Random Acts of Kindness is already gearing up for its next song launch this summer.


During the pandemic, Ken felt a calling and wrote a song called “Healthcare Workers Rock!” an anthem for healthcare workers, to give them the recognition they deserved and to help them through the long days and nights. It had a significant impact on healthcare workers and was very meaningful to them. The following is quote from one of the top COVID doctors in the world, who was featured in the Healthcare Workers Rock! Video. 

“The truth is healthcare workers are at their breaking point. The stress of the pandemic right now is unbearable. The music and lyrics of Healthcare Worker’s Rock! give us an emotional release that make every day more tolerable," says Joseph Varon, MD, Chief Medical Officer of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, who has been on the frontlines of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. “I’ve literally witnessed our workers humming and singing the song to help lift their own spirit and the spirit of others. I had a nurse cry when she was asked to be in the video, because it reinforced what a difference she’s making for so many. The song and the video are just what the doctor ordered, especially now as we enter what will possibly be the darkest days of the pandemic. We must now get this music therapy to every hospital around the world because it’s a boost that will keep our healthcare workers going.”



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