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Random Acts of Kindness is a music collective that believes in having a positive impact on the world through meaningful lyrics, kindness, and philanthropy.

Founder Ken Freirich chose the name because it embodies his strong belief in kindness and making the world a better place. He also liked the phrase “random acts” since it describes his approach of working with a variety of talented creatives for each track. Ken writes the lyrics for the songs, then teams up with artists, producers and musicians to bring them to life.

During COVID, Ken felt a calling to write and produce a song that could bring people together in a time of crisis and created Healthcare Workers Rock! as an anthem for healthcare workers and to give them the recognition they deserved. Ken produced two versions of the song including a remix, for which he served as executive producer. He also recruited P!nk drummer Mark Schulman to play drums, Grammy Award-winning producer and mixer Scott Jacoby to assist in the production, and Grammy Award-winner Emily Lazar to master the track.


For the new single, Free to Roam, Ken teamed up with longtime producer/engineer Mike Rogers. Mike has worked on many hits over the years and continues to top the charts for clients, as well as his own personal music projects.

RAK's momentum has only skyrocketed since its second release, “Free to Roam.” Since its nationwide launch on radio, it has become a Top 20 Billboard and Mediabase AC hit.


Random Acts of Kindness is already gearing up for its next song launch later this year. 


For more information or general inquiries, please email

Ken Freirich,
Executive Producer/Songwriter/Drummer

​Ken has been playing drums and writing songs since he was eight years old. He believes in writing meaningful lyrics that are positive, inspirational and impactful, then bringing them to life through great music. With songs such as Free to Roam; I Wish; Peace for a Day; Picture Perfect Postcard, Sea of Cortez; The Spirit Inside of Us; and Where Has the World Come, Ken’s lyrics have deep meaning and take listeners on incredible journeys that are literal, allegorical and to magical places. The new single, Free to Roam, is all about Freedom, Liberation, Self-Expression and Empowerment.

Ken has had the pleasure and privilege of playing drums with The Who in L.A. in 2019 as part of a charity event for Teen Cancer America and UCLA’s Breast Cancer Center. P!NK, The Foo Fighters and Kenny Loggins were all part of the event. He also played with Richie Sambora at the Barnstable Brown Gala in Louisville in 2022. This high-profile, pre-Kentucky Derby charity event is known around the world and attended by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music, sports and business.

After having spent most of his career as an entrepreneur and CEO, Ken retired in 2021 to start the next chapter of his life: songwriting, music, Random Acts of Kindness and his label, Better World Records.

Ken is an international philanthropist who is truly committed to making the world a better place. He is actively involved in charities/projects, both domestically and globally, and continues to do random acts of kindness on a weekly basis.

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